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Attack Effects

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Attack Effects: Modifications for your attacks

Multi-Hit Mode:

  • One Punch Mode: Tries to kill the target with 1 hit.

Note: Not recommended to use.

  • Modifies the number of attacks received by the target.

Note: Not recommended to go above 5.


  • Hit all the targets within the selected radius from the target hit.

Note: Not recommended to change default settings.


  • Modifies the number of times the character does an action.

Note: Not recommended to use.

Attack Speed:

  • Modifies the speed of the normal attacks from the player.

Note: Not recommended to use above 1.5.

Custom Element:

  • Modifies the element of all outgoing attacks.

Infuse Element:

  • Modifies the element of normal attacks from sword, polearms and claymore.

Auto Weakspot:

  • Hits target weakspot therefore criting, only works with bow users.

Critical Hit (Sponsor):

  • Changes the probability of critical hits.

Nullify Incoming Element:

  • Will nullify any incoming element converting it to physical damage instead.

Example Video: