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Welcome to our community! To register and obtain the "Fans" role, follow these steps.

Step 1: Join our server and get the "Newcomer" role if you haven't already

If you are not on the server yet, please read the previous post, where it is described how to join the server and get the "Newcomer" role.

Step 2: Find the bot

Now you need to find the bot with the image of a goose and write to him in direct messages (micah-sign-bot#0245).


Step 3: Getting started

Write him the command /start, solve the captcha. Note: if the bot does not respond to your captcha request, you probably entered it incorrectly. Try writing the captcha again (without the command). After successful input, the bot will send you the message "Consecutive < days > days".



Step 4: After receiving the "Fans" role

So now you need to enter this command every day for 7 days (every 24 hours). Note that if you make a mistake by a couple of hours, the bot will consider that you did not mark and reset your days. On the 7th day of check-ins, you will be given the "Fans" role, and you can stop checking in.