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Welcome to our community! To pass the bot verification and obtain the "Newcomer" role, follow these steps.

Step 1: Join our server if you haven't already

If you are not on the server yet, please read the previous post, where it is described how to join the server.

Step 2: So, you are on the server

Now that you are on the server, choose the necessary channels and roles from the list, then go to the ★⋅rules⋅★ channel.

Step 3: ★⋅rules⋅★ channel

In the rules channel, familiarize yourself with the rules and undergo verification to confirm that you are not a bot. Find the "Verify" button, click on it, and the bot will send you a link that you need to follow and confirm that you are not a bot.

Step 4: After receiving the "Newcomer" role

After successful verification, the bot will assign you the "Newcomer" role. With this role, you will not be kicked by the bot without valid reasons. Now proceed to the next step.