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List of FAQs

Is Korepi free?

Yes, Korepi has a free version which you can use easily following this guide.

Why my config doesn't save?

Keep in mind you have to extract the .rar/.zip file you got in another folder.

If config is still not saving after this step, please contact with any helper in the server for more help.

Where do i find themes?

You can find themes for your Korepi on community share or you can make your own in Korepi settings.

Check Theme Customization to start making your own theme.

Can i use Korepi when a new update comes?

No, you need to wait till a new Korepi version gets released.

Using the old program wont work, Korepi update takes 1-2 weeks approximately.

Why the menu doesn't appear in game?

Make sure you have disabled every overlay(MSI Afterburner, GeForce Experience, etc.) before launching korepi.

Where do i get Sponsor and how much it is?

You can get Sponsor from the links provided in #sponsorship in the server.

In order to get the Sponsor role, you need to donate at least 5$, any other donation below 5$ will be ignored.

Why my game crashes in loading screen?

If you get a error like this:

atidxx64.dll caused an Access Violation (0xc0000005) in module atidxx64.dll at 0033:43d1356c.

Please update your drivers and try again.

If you don't get that error, try setting more delay on launch on cfg.ini.