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How to get the free license for Korepi.

Step 1:

Step 2:

Click on Bind free card, follow the provide link by the bot after clicking on it, watch the ad and skip it.

Step 3:

If the bind message shows Success, you have successfully finished claiming the license, if it doesn't show as Success, repeat from the first step.

Step 4:

If you already got a enc.json delete it before opening the program

Launch the program to obtain your HWID, after that head to ★⋅micah-bot-verify⋅★ again and click on Get verification file and paste in your HWID.

After clicking on submit you will receive a file from the bot, download it and place it on your Korepi folder. Make sure the name is enc.json.

Step 5:

Launch the program again and select your game path if you didn't yet, after that Korepi will launch the game and inject itself.

Enjoy Korepi!